VAMS stands for Virtual Administrative Management Support. VAMS simplifies and streamlines your business while increasing the professionalism. VAMS will focus on the income, administrative and bookkeeping side of your business.

We bring administrative / bookkeeping support services to you virtuallyat an affordable rate without the cost of overhead and responsibility.

VAMS, VIC works remotely from their own office as contractors. This arrangement saves clients from having to pay for expensive employment taxes, benefits, overhead, and equipment. In addition, theres no hassle of employee management, human resource headaches, or down time’.

Our administrative consultants are independent contractors, not employees of our clients. Our administrative consultants work personally with clients in a collaborative, one on one relationship of administrative support.


Were the administrative experts who keep our clients business organized, operating smoothly and moving forward. Administrators provide support; as experts, were also in a position to guide and advise clients on their administrative systems, basic bookkeeping, and budget planning. Thats the advisor part of a consultant.